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Discover the Armorcrete Difference

At Armorcrete Stucco, we understand the concerns home builders face with traditional stucco systems, including water intrusion, cracking, warranty, and the risk of costly legal disputes. That's why we have developed a superior, cutting-edge 100% turnkey, alternative stucco installation system that will change the way you think about exterior cladding.

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Higher Quality

Standard sizes are 2″ thick by 2’x4′ or 2’x7′ of concrete cladding panel, steel reinforced with 1/8” steel mesh.

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Faster Installation

Fast installation of 700 ft2 per day with only a 2-3 person crew. Install in one week vs. one month. 

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More Affordable

This 100% turnkey system is installed at the same rates or lower than traditional stucco. 

Introducing Armorcrete Stucco

Introducing the Armorcrete Stucco Concrete Cladding System, a superior alternative to plywood/OSB, 3-coat stucco, or EIFS. Our innovative cladding system offers numerous benefits, making it the smart choice for your project. With an R-Value of 2.3, our system delivers greater energy efficiency than traditional stucco (0.2) or fiber cement siding (0.3), reducing utility bills.

A 2-3 person crew can install up to 700 ft2 per day, which is about 75% faster than traditional stucco. Armorcrete panels accommodate various finishes, such as stucco, plaster, veneer, sticky brick, brick, stone, and siding, and provide a smooth, professional look.

Our panels don't sag, warp, deform, or crack, maintaining your home's exterior integrity. Joints stay invisible over time, minimizing maintenance.

Armorcrete Stucco is installed 100% turnkey by fastening it directly to wood or steel frames. Our lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient 2-inch thick panels come in 2'x4' or 2'x7' sizes and are steel-reinforced with an 1/8-inch steel mesh for added strength.

Choose Armorcrete for your next project and experience the difference our advanced cladding solution can make. Say goodbye to the problems of traditional stucco and embrace a smarter, more resilient alternative.

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