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Get More, Spend Less: The Cost-Efficiency of Armorcrete

Elevate Your Project, Cut Your Costs: Choose Armorcrete Stucco

Explore the cutting-edge world of stucco innovation with Armorcrete. Dive into our blog to discover how our Concrete Cladding System is reshaping the construction landscape, offering cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Say hello to the future of exterior cladding!

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Discover the Future of Stucco with Armorcrete

Welcome to the forefront of stucco innovation! Armorcrete Stucco introduces its revolutionary Concrete Cladding System, a turnkey solution that outperforms traditional stucco, plywood/OSB, 3-coat stucco, or EIFS. Uncover the myriad advantages that make Armorcrete the savvy choice for your project.

Efficiency That Saves

With an impressive R-value of 2.3, Armorcrete surpasses the energy efficiency of traditional stucco (0.2) and fiber cement siding (0.3), translating to substantial utility bill savings. A nimble 2–3-person crew can install up to 700 ft² per day—75% faster than traditional stucco. Embrace speed without compromising quality.

Versatility Unleashed

Armorcrete panels are a canvas for creativity, accommodating a spectrum of finishes, including stucco, plaster, veneer, sticky brick, brick, stone, and siding. Achieve a polished, professional aesthetic while enjoying the structural benefits of our system.

Durable Excellence

Bid farewell to the headaches of sagging, warping, deforming, or cracking. Armorcrete panels maintain the integrity of your home's exterior, with invisible joints that defy aging. Experience minimal maintenance and lasting beauty.

Turnkey Simplicity

Installing Armorcrete Stucco is a breeze—100% turnkey by directly fastening it to wood or steel frames. Our lightweight, robust 2-inch-thick panels, available in 2'x4' or 2'x7' sizes, are steel-reinforced with a sturdy 1/8-inch steel mesh for added strength.

Choose Armorcrete, Choose Excellence

Make Armorcrete Stucco your go-to solution for your next project. Embrace a smarter, more resilient alternative that eradicates the issues associated with traditional stucco. Elevate your construction experience with Armorcrete—where excellence meets efficiency.

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